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” And indeed,
 you are of a great moral character
” (Quran, 68:4)

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What the Bible Says About Muhammad 
?.. (Peace Be Upon Him) 
According to the Bible, God said to Moses,
 :on whom be peace
 I will raise up for them a prophet
 like you from among their brothers;
 I will put my words in his mouth, 
and he will tell them everything 
I command him
 (The Holy Bible, 
New International Version, 
chapter 18, verse 18)
 The prophet described in the 
above verse must have the 
following three characteristics
 He will be like Moses

 He will come from the brothers 
of the Israelites,
 i.e. the Ishmaelites.
 God will put His words in the
 mouth of the prophet and 
he will declare what God 
commanded him
Let us see which prophet God 
was speaking of
  The prophet like Moses Some
 people feel that this prophecy 
refers to the prophet Jesus, 
on whom be peace. But, 
although Jesus 
(peace be upon him and all of God’s 
prophets and messengers) 
was truly a prophet of God, 
he is not the prophet spoken of here
He was born miraculously, 
and finally God raised him up miraculously
On the other hand, Muhammad is more
 like Moses; both were born in 
a natural way and both died natural deaths

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