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Way To Happiness CD

Advanced disc is the method of Ancestors in English to non-Muslim foreigners, containing audio and video lectures and books in English to explain Islam and its resources and the correct Sunnah and to respond to suspicions that all in English

Here are the sections of the CD with pictures


The first section (Misconceptions ) : contains the definition of true Islam and to respond to suspicions such as terrorism and oppression of women

The second section (the miracles of the Quran): contains the miracles of the Quran and the science and evidence that the Word of God Almighty

Section III (Muhammad peace be upon him): in particular our master Muhammad, peace be upon him, miracles and signs of his biography

Section IV (flashes): Flashes beautiful definition of Islam, ablution, prayer, education and the Arabic language in English

Section V (for what should be a Muslim): section answers many questions asked by the invite to Islam and shows many of the masterpieces of our religion and also testimonies of some Western

Section VI (Where is happiness): Department explaining the reason behind the creation of man and happiness in the worship of God alone no partner, and described heaven

Section VII (Debates): contains the debates of some of the sheikhs

Section VIII (books): containing a series of important books correctly Bukhari and Muslim and others

Section IX (major programs): A set of programs to run the contents of the CD

Section X (Websites): A set of sites in English to be a greater opportunity for those who want to know more about Islam

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

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